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Bloom believes in the power of learning. Everyone learns in their own way. Bloom organizes (inter) national projects in which we create opportunities for experience based learning and the (h) recognition of learning.

Traveling with Bloom

Bloom Foundation organizes international experience based trips within Europe for organizations that work with young adults who are searching in their (learning) process.

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How can all gained competences be recognized and acknowledged, even if there is no diploma or certificate?

Bloom projects

Bloom initiates and participates in (inter) national projects around learning and making learning visible.


At Bloom we believe in the power of experience based learning. We are searching for ways to recognize and acknowledge competences that are acquired and relevant to active participation in society, such as finding a job. Bloom broadens learning opportunities by combining formal and non-formal learning methods. In this way we complement formal education and contribute to a more inclusive society.

Everyone has the potential to learn and develop

Jorine van Egmond, CO-FOUNDER

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Our partners

Bloom is a network organization and works with partners in the Netherlands and Europe in the field of learning and participation.


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